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My Achievements ..

Worked towards Kargil Relief fund

I have been serving as a social worker to the people of koramangala and citizens since year 1995 in various forms, I have helped our area police giving information and patrolling with them, then later I have conducted many meeting with the police issues regarding the chain snatching, robbers and traffic management. Then in year 1999 I was koramangala youth welfare association organizing secretary and for the first time we gathered all the school children of koramnagala and jyothi nivas college student and temple priest ,mosque priest and church father along with DCP south Mr. Sathyanaryan  and koramnagala police inspector shivashankarappa , ward 67 counsellor Baghyamma  and senior citizens all at one flat form at BMP ground opposite Bethany school and went around koramnagala shops and office and collected 10,450/ rupees and made DD and submitted through inspector shivashankarappa   to the Kargil relief fund.

Decongest 8th Main road in Koramnagala

During 2005, Koramnagala was growing and erupted as a semi city and suddenly all the main roads leading to Koramnagala was getting heavy traffic and had to be decongested with proper planning. One such case is the 8Th main road (canara bank road). I fought for the road 8th main which leads to sarjpura road which was blocked by police by putting up a divider at the centre of the road were people were not able to take right turn after canara bank towards 8th main 4th block. People of that area suffered for 15 days but no one took initiative, later that evening, I requested the people to unite together and fight for the cause in which I took initiative and got it removed after DCP Salem inspected the spot.

Formed Koramnagala Welfare association

In the year 2005, few residents of koramnagala with vested interest filed a PIL regarding commercialization and building deviation, in which the Hon. Chief justice high court directed to BMP to see the building deviation and take necessary action, and the then BBMP officials started measuring the buildings at koramnagala and gave a report that all most all the buildings in koramnagala had deviated as per the by-laws and started a demolition drive.

The Hon.cheif justice of high court then directed the BMP to correct the Building by-law deviation, in which the BMP started giving notice to the residents of the koramnagala. In the stated order BBMP need to demolish the deviated portion of the buildings which is anything more than 5% according to building by-law act 1976 of KMC. In this case the BMP issued more than 3000 notices for those who have more than 25% deviation, but people were least interested and were apathy towards these notices. 
I immediately took up this cause and gathered few members and commercial owners approached the Supreme Court and brought a stay to this order. With few eminent people living in Koramangala we formed KORAMANGALA WELFARE ASSOCIATION and I was unanimously elected as general secretary. They found I was the right person with young and dynamic leadership and all family property had very less deviation morally stood corrected against the BBMP demolition drive.

In this demolition drive by BBMP, we submitted a memorandum against the demolition drive by BBMP and met handed over to all the state legislative leaders whom we had known and represented us from BTM constituency. MP tejaswini gowda and MLA R.ashok came in and stopped the demolition drive by BBMP for some time and suggested the officers to go on a slower version of demolition because they may damage the whole building by trying to demolish the deviated portion.

We also got a copy of akkram sakkram from Hyderabad and formed a similar memorandum  for Bangalore and submitted the same to all the leaders and to our governor  and mentioned that if this is implemented government will get approx Rs2500Crores for  Bangalore alone and  the same can be utilized for infrastructure of Bangalore city. We also mentioned in our memorandum that they should form a committee along with officials and residents and through that channel this money be used properly and for infrastructure only.

After the new formation of government we met Former Chief Minister B S Yediyuryappa and he said the only way to this problem was to regularize the buildings under akkrama sakkarma and this matter had come several times at assembly but nothing happen till date. But KWA and its members struggled a lot.

Jan 26th 2006 KWA decide to celebrate an event as a secretary I took the whole responsible event to Show Unity and to unite the people of   Koramangala, we once again gathered all the Schools and colleges and residents of koramangala and celebrated Republic day, with Blood donation camp, honouring the eminent citizens of Koramnagala, The following Eminent Citizens were honouredPadma bhushan Prof. N.S. Ramaswamy, so called cart man the residents of koramangal were very happy as he was been  announced for the award Padma bhushan on the same day it was co-incident were both KWA and Government of India thought to award . Padma Shri Dr Stanley John , Mr Nayak, Mr. verrabadhrappa, Mrs. Ashwini Nachappa.

We honoured the students of koramangala who have secured distingshion in 10th standard and dancing competition for the school and college children.

The event was great success and for the first time all the schools and colleges participated there was huge crowed gathering.
After this DCP Alok Kumar was posted to koramangala. in this regard the Police inspector mr purshothmma came a day before at the night 9 pm to my house and requested to organize a public meeting at 3rd block koramnagala tomorrow by 10 am, regarding awareness of chain snatching robbery and other law and order problems he also said the new DCP will be Coming to address Mr Alok Kumar and ACP venkat nayak, it was very help full the residents lot of women participated. Many meetings and many welfare letters have been sent to the authorities 

Hence Now from the recent years we are facing WATER problem, this is a major issue currently in our city I think we the youth should come forward to support and find the solution for this major crises of water problem. As a citizen I practice to save water as much as possible in my day to day life. if you want to save water  click here

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